Isaac Sobek Fundraiser

Board of Director member Andrea Oddi and Isaac Sobek

Beneficiary of the game’s fundraiser

On May 21, 2017 Board of Director Member Andrea Oddi had the pleasure of meeting the entire Sobek family yesterday in Torrington.  Isaac’s brother, Cedar, a sophomore at Oliver Wolcott Tech High School in Torrington, his coach, Mr. Ray Tanguay and fellow volleyball teammates selected the Lea’s Foundation as the charitable organization to be the beneficiary of the fundraising efforts held during their last home varsity game.   This was very exciting for Cedar, Isaac and the rest of the Sobek family because Isaac went back to school on Monday and was feeling well enough to attend the game.

It was very moving to see the smiles on the Sobek family and those that attended to see how much progress Isaac has made during this past year, which included many weeks of isolation post-bone marrow transplant.  The Sobek’s praise the team of doctors and nurses at CCMC and in Boston for taking such amazing care of Isaac.  It is with great hope and prayers, which includes those from all of us from the Lea’s Foundation, Isaac will be spared the expected side effects that come with massive amounts of chemotherapy, radiation and the transplant that unfortunately go hand in hand with kids undergoing this battle.


Board of Director Andrea Oddi with Isaac Sobek and his family


Isaac’s Story:

Back in June of 2016, Isaac had tiny red dots throughout his body and bruises all over his legs .  We initially  thought that the bruises were from being too rough with his brothers and that the dots were  an allergic reaction.  Unfortunately, however, it was cancer.  Isaac’s platelet counts were so low that capillaries were simply exploding (the tiny red dots), and the bruises were from further internal bleeding.   Isaac was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia called AML (acute myeloid or sometimes called myelogenous leukemia) in June.  We just read that it is considered one of the top ten deadliest cancers.  Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, and therefore by nature is found throughout the body.  Isaac also tested positive for a genetic mutation that makes his AML even more aggressive, for it can be very resistant to the standard treatment.  Patients with this diagnosis are given a 30% chance to live, but the doctors were hopeful that a new drug in a clinical trial will help increase that statistic.  Therefore, we enrolled Isaac in a clinical trial that added an additional drug on top of the usual chemo protocol.  He underwent three rounds of chemotherapy in Hartford at CCMC all while hospitalized, and then went to Boston for a bone marrow transplant.  By God’s grace he had three perfect matches among his siblings (which was unprecedented, they say), and his older brother Sage became the donor.   Isaac did well with his treatments (difficult as they were), and is now recovering at home in house isolation. We strongly believe in the power of prayer.  God has answered many, many prayers thus far on this journey, and we’ve seen Him do miracles before with Isaac when he was born ten weeks prematurely.   May He continue to carry us through the rocky road of transplant recovery.


Amy and Adam Sobek are two very positive and wonderful people and Lea’s Foundation is  looking forward to doing what we can to continue our support of Isaac and the family as they continue this journey.  The Sobek’s are so grateful to the Lea’s Foundation for the support we have given them and Andrea isso happy to also report that Isaac and his family will be headed to Disney in the Fall compliments of the Make A Wish Foundation.