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Dear Friends of Lea’s Foundation,

Each day you may wake up to your ordinary routines. Time for work, time for school or just time to enjoy your day. However, for some, an ordinary day can turn bad in an instant.

The Brouker Family was having an ordinary week and was waiting for their next ordinary day when things went very wrong. Their 16 month old daughter Abbie, who had been complaining she wasn’t feeling well  was diagnosed with  high risk B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Two weeks later they found out she had a rare subtype called Myeloid Leukemia Lineage DAN Translocation 4:11. Abbie’s only chance for survival was a bone marrow transplant.  For the next 5 months they would live at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and later move to Boston Children’s Hospital until her bone marrow transplant in April of 2008.

The bone marrow transplant was a success, but Abbie had many side effects over the next five years. She was treated for skin GVHD, which included being treated with steroids for two years as well as monthly  IVIG infusions. Non ordinary days are now their ordinary days.

During these days, Lea’s Foundation was there to assist the Brouker  Family with financial needs.  With both parents out of work, paying for hotels in Boston and travel expenses for 5 years was not an option.
Abbie is now a healthy and happy 10 year old, thanks to supportive friends like you.

Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate  resources that are directed to families just like the Broukers. Your gift  of $500 will not only make an immediate impact on these families,  but will assist the Foundation to continue to fund doctors to further their crucial research.

Our Board joins me in thanking you for your generous  partnership and support. Your donation is  helping to make our Community Leukemia free.

Please send your gift today. Thank you so much for your help.



David Archilla

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